Let Your Life Nourish You

Rea Berg says that homeschooling is a crucible, a refining fire.  Nothing brings out your own shortcomings like teaching your children at home.  Some days I wish I had a job where my own sin wasn’t always on display.  But Rahima Baldwin, author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, says that home is the place where the spiritual needs of every member can be met.


I think the two quotes go hand in hand.  This difficult and holy work is the means of our own spiritual growth.  Our challenges come from the hand of God to refine us, but we are not called to be martyrs.  Because the work is trying, it’s essential that there be times of refreshment, replenishment, rest.  Our own spiritual needs–quiet reflection, gratitude, wonder, celebration–can be met even as we are meeting the needs of our children.

In the coming days, we’ll dig a little deeper into just how our life can truly nourish us.

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease


  1. The crucible comment has stuck with me, too. I’ve mentioned it to several others as an encouragement. I like how you’ve followed it with the other quote. Looking forward to this mini series.

    1. That whole Rea Berg interview is just so good! And I heard Rahima speak back in 2010. Her words have stuck with me….the vision is captivating; still trying to see how they work out.

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