Inspiration Everywhere

I’ve already claimed that Better Than Before is really a book all about homeschooling.  Is it pushing it to say that any book about creatively approaching challenges could be about homeschooling or working from home?

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease

Take Finding Water by Julia Cameron.  It’s a classic text about nourishing the creative impulse.  (I was reminded of it by Teresa at Right Brain Planning who is writing an excellent series on self-directed learning!)  Cameron advocates using practices like morning pages to clear your creative spring every day.  She also suggests going on artists dates–going out and about with an eye toward inspiration.  It can be something obviously inspiring like going to an art gallery.  But it can also be a solitary walk or a trip to the library to browse.

A few weeks ago we went to see to inner workings of the Post Office–rode the bus downtown, saw the sorting machines, ate lunch out and about.  We all came home excited and energized.  Not because we have a deep connection to the post office–though who can resist the charm of hand delivery!  The trip broke up our normal routine.  It gave us new views to contemplate, a new frame of reference.  Field trips are really artists dates in disguise!

Where have you gone?  What have you seen?

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease

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