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The tagline of this blog is Homeschooling Through the Church Year.  Mostly that means that we celebrate saint days with a vengeance.  That early Fall stretch of Michael / Jerome / Francis/ Martin is one of my favorites.  I also love celebrating feasts mentioned in the biblical narrative: the annunciation and visitation; the ascension and pentecost.  These festivals are rooted in time, but ultimately they transform and transcend time.

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease

Another way we honor the turning year is by using block scheduling during Advent and lent–the main penitential seasons of the church year.  The first hard stop from our regular study comes at the end of our first long academic block of the year.  We stop our regular Circle Time history readings and instead focus on seasonal picture books and crafts–especially the Jesse Tree.  Through our readings and meditative coloring we see the full scope of redemptive history played out.  The variety brings such relief and adds a bit of enchantment to the season.  It also makes Advent a true preparation for the celebration of the feast of Christmas.  Our hearts are tuned to the wonder of God made flesh.

If you’d like to know more about the ways that block schedules can add a measure of peace to your homeschool routine, my friends Pam and Sarah did an excellent free webinar.

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Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease

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