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Homeschooling and Working from HomeYour goal is to string together (like pearls on a necklace) moments where you can say,

“Today was a good day together and we learned something too.”

When these accumulate, life starts to hum.  Don’t worry so much about how you got there.

Enjoy it while it lasts.  Note it.  Be proud of it.

Don’t doubt it.

–Julie Bogart in A Gracious Space: Daily Reflections to Sustain Your Homeschooling Commitment.


The winner of our giveaway is Lauren!  I’ll be in touch soon 🙂

During the month of November, Julie will be presenting readings from this edition of Gracious Space on Periscope.  What a wonderful beginning to the holiday season!  You can still get a copy of the book at the Brave Writer store.  Use the code OOPS15 through the end of the month to get $15 off your order.

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease


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