Finding (Business) Mentors

If you’re going to do this work for any length of time, you’ll need to find mentors.  Community is important, but you need to learn from people who are a few steps farther along the road, people who can see around the bend.  These are some of my favorites.  I tend to gravitate toward the creatives more than the strictly business sector; they speak my love language…and like to make things pretty!


The Bootstrap VA

Ok, not a mentor, but a mentoring book!  There’s not another like it on the market.  Lisa’s voice is clear; her experience wide. The book is both practical and inspiring.  She goes out of her way to feature the voices and experiences of other women doing this work.  If anything I’ve written about makes you think that being a VA might be a good fit for you and your family, get this book!

Amy Lynn Andrews

She publishes the best email tip sheet around.  Her (free!) Useletter comes out on Saturdays and is jam packed with all the best insider tips for blogging, apps, and social media.  In a world of hype, her post on making money blogging is reliable.  It’s how I first heard of the Bootstrap VA!  And Amy homeschools her kids and has worked as a VA herself.  What’s not to love?

Right-Brain Business Planning

Jenn’s intuitive approach–that accesses your creative side and helps to quiet the judging mind–is paired with really solid advice.  That’s a picture of my business plan up there!  It’s all washi tape and collage and helped me to get clear on my values.

And a few more…

The Brilliant Business Moms Podcast

Love Being Boss Podcast

And a new (free!) email course from Crystal Paine


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