Be Your Own Best Mother

The last day!  We made it!  I always think after writing a long series, that I’m going to arrive at the grand truth that settles everything.  So I’m always slightly disappointed when that key doesn’t turn up.  But of course, that’s really the heart of what I’ve been writing all month.  It isn’t in the grand gestures or the once for all solutions.  But in the daily work.  Turning up, doing what you say, finding ways to nourish yourself even in the midst of all the giving.

So for today, be your own best mother.  Be the one who’s on your side, smoothing the way.  Be the one on the look out for the good that the day holds.  Be the one who welcomes.  Here are a few things that we homeschool moms do so well for our children.  Things we would do well to do for ourselves as well.


Set a wide and varied feast

The mind feeds on ideas.  So make sure you’re feeding yours!  Good books and good conversation go a long way here. Might as well throw in some good coffee as well!

Enjoy an out of doors life

Walks outside in the fresh air have been so restorative for me.  Walks in all kinds of weather.  If you tuck a prompt in your pocket before you head out the door, you’ll have something to think about as you walk.  My favorites:

Create a provocation

  • Books that catch your interest stacked on a table next to your journal.
  • A new online class
  • A virtual book club
  • Decorate for the holidays with an eye to creating space for reverence and gratitude.

Clear the clutter

Repeat after me: outer order contributes to inner calm.  It doesn’t create it, but it does contribute.  As we head into a busy season, give yourself the gift of a cleared countertop, an open calendar.  Make space for what’s coming!

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of homeschooling and working from home with ease.  I hope it’s been a little bit of light for you. ♥

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease


  1. Tomorrow morning, as my after-prayer with-coffee before-the-rush treat, I am going to read through this series and become inspired for my own.

    Writing every day is exciting, isn’t it? Exciting AND nerve-wracking, which is good in its own way. 🙂

      1. Oh Kort, I am going to LOVE this series, but I’ve recognized almost immediately that I’m not going to–correction, I don’t WANT to get through it in an hour. I’ve only read your first two posts (the 2nd of which, October 2nd, my birthday!) and already, I feel nourished…inspired…understood.

        And I smiled to see the quote from Bruce Cockburn at the top of the series. He is an old college favorite, (Dialogue with the Devil! So profound!), but I hadn’t heard Laughter yet, so thank you.

        Thank you and much love to you, today & always.

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