Homeschooling & Working from Home with Ease

Let’s just get this straight at the beginning.  It’s not easy.

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease

Homeschooling is a full time vocation.  When you add paid work on top of that, you’ll find there’s usually more to be done than hours in the day.  But there are ways to meet the inherent difficulties with a measure of grace.  There are practices that add a bit of ease into the long days.

I haven’t done much sewing, but I’ve made myself a few skirts.  After you take your measurements, you add a couple of inches for ease–a little extra for movement & comfort.

This month we’ll explore systems, hacks, tools, and best practices to help you successfully combine homeschooling with working from home.  These practices are like those few inches.  They give a little breathing room, making space in your days for the motion of the Spirit.

Join me in using the hashtag #HomeschoolHappy  on Instagram to share moments of joy and pockets of peace.

I’d love to see what homeschooling and working from home looks like in your life!

Protect your time.  Feed your inner life.  Avoid too much noise.

Read good books.–Jane Kenyon

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease



      1. You’re awake and conversant at a ridiculously early hour. It’s 8:30 here. That’s doable. I’m impressed.

    1. Oh, sweetie. YOU should be writing this series. Really, if you see omissions or have questions through the month, please chime in!

  1. I am still embarrassed to think of myself as a WAHM. Homeschooling is my first job, even if I do make some money online.

    I love how you distinguish ease from easy here – what a lovely metaphor!

    1. I’m still getting used to the working thing too. It’s hard on my self-concept as a homeschool mama. 😉 And thanks for noticing the metaphor…yours always throw on the lights for me.

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