Saints in the New Year

One of the things that has fallen off my radar this school year is saint day celebrations.  We aren’t big, crazy celebrators over here.  A little contemplative coloring, a finely made storybook, a treat with tea–any will serve us fine.  But even our simple observances weren’t happening.

Julia Margaret Cameron, St. Agnes, 1864

Then on Saturday I listened to Dawn from By Sun and Candlelight, expert keeper of the seasons, talk about her plans for the upcoming feast of St Agnes.  Her feast falls on January 21st, smack dab in the bleakest part of the year.  So snowflakes are St Agnes’s flower.  That just lit up my imagination and gave me the inspiration to tackle saint days again!

We will be creating these beautiful Snowflake Weavings from Crafty Crow.  They are so simple and quite lovely.  And there will be coloring…hand drawn images from Paper Dali and from Waltzing Matilda.  And we’ll have tea of course. And pizza for dinner.  Not because of any significance for the saint day, but because at our house, pizza speaks of festivity and celebration!  And it means I don’t have to make dinner.  A little bit of sweetness for this mama who is juggling a few different balls!

Stay tuned for St Brigid and Candlemas ideas coming soon.