A Subscription for Bookworms

Bookroo!Late last year I had the chance to review Bookroo–a subscription service that delivers thoughtfully curated picture books to your door each month.  Well, yes!  It sounds like they’ve got my number!

As you can tell from the picture, the books were a hit at our place!  And yes, we’re homeschoolers.  How could you tell? Was it Mabel in her armor and Ben Franklin fur cap?

My favorite part?  The books come wrapped in handsome paper and string–that just makes it all the more exciting!  The kids’ favorite part?  The pirates taking a nap.

You can read the full review at The Curriculum Choice.


  1. The armor and fur cap gave me such a smile. 🙂 Reminds me of the time I took my three then-very-little girls to the Frontier History Museum in Staunton VA. Jane, age nine or thereabouts?, hit it off with our tour guide and asked loads of questions about the spinning wheel, blacksmith shop, etc. As we were leaving one of the houses, the guide asked me, “Are they homeschooled?” “Why, yes!” I answered, beaming a little at the thought of how it must have been apparent from my kids’ enthusiasm, their manners, their articulate questions.

    “I thought so!” the guide replied. “I could tell from the bonnets.”

    Oh. Right. That would be the Little House prairie bonnets my girls were wearing at every possible opportunity around that time. Yeah, I guess maybe that could be a tip-off. 😉

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