The Life Giving Home

Isn’t that a wonderfully evocative title? (Alright, that’s not exactly the title; I separated Lifegiving into two words to emphasize it!)  The idea that our homes could be places that actually nourish and strengthen us?  Not just a place to sleep and eat, but a place that nourishes our families.  A place of unfolding.


Sally Clarkson and her daughter Sarah have written a book about creating the sort of atmosphere and traditions that really support our families.  The Lifegiving Home includes their memories and a vision–not just for re-creating the Clarkson traditions–but for finding what’s essential for our own families and building new traditions there.  You can read my full review at The Curriculum Choice.  I’ll leave you with just one quote from Sally that really turned on lights for me:

What intentional routines do I need to establish

in order to be sure my relationships, faith, and love are growing?

Relationships and love don’t just grow…or not?  There are things we can intentionally do to create the space for growth?  Something as mundane as a routine might help us craft a life worth living?  I’m all ears!


  1. I just bought this book and it arrived in the mail Friday! I can’t wait to read it! I splurged and got the companion book too.

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