Good Things

One of the most powerful tools we have in our homeschooling toolbelt is the power of example.  Our kids learn so much from watching us learn–reading new books, trying our hand at a new skill, taking classes, learning all the time.  Through my work I get to meet the best people ever. Last month we did a live Author Access event with Laura Purdy Salas.  I knew her work from Poetry Friday–the best of connections.  But after reading her books and hearing her speak, I took a deep dive into all her resources.


Writing the World for Kids

The first stop for us was her collection called Wacky, Wild, and Wonderful: 50 State Poems.  We are studying early American history this year and have become quite interested in our native geography.  How fun to get to read a poem and learn a fact about each state.  These poems will give you a good taste for Laura’s ear.  She’s quite a thoughtful poet. I also loved the price point and ease of access.  I found the poems and had them loaded onto our Kindle in just a few minutes.  Poetry at our fingertips!

Then I discovered the weekly feature on Laura’s blog called 15 Words or Less Poems.  Every Thursday she posts a picture that she’s taken, a short description of the photo, and her own poem that’s 15 words or less.  She calls it “a low-pressure way to wake up your poetry brain.”  Yes!  My poetry brain!

Laura is a writer, but more specifically, she’s a freelance writer.  So she often writes about the tricks of the trade.  She has even written courses for writers.  I’ve enrolled in the first called, Write More, Write Now.  It’s free!  Go enroll right now!  You’ll get to hear Laura’s lovely voice as she walks you through developing a writing routine that gets you in the chair and on task.

More to Learn

Two more learning links for you today!  One is from Skillshare.  It’s time for their Spring Sale–3 months of Premium for $.99.  Jump on this deal.  I’m all signed up and taking every Instagram class they offer.

And starting next week, Mystie Winckler is offering a free email class on setting up Evernote.  I need to learn how to use this tool more effectively.  She also has a few intro videos that you can watch on Katch if you’re unsure about the class.