Is it a task or a project?

And which one can really go on a to-do list?  Here’s a hint right at the start–they’re usually always projects. And projects can’t go on a to-do list.


But that’s not how my brain works unfortunately.  I only write “Clean out Joseph’s clothes” on the list.  But if I’m honest that means

  • going through his current clothes
  • making a giveaway pile
  • heading down to the basement to look for 3T Fall clothes
  • making a giveaway pile from the basement stash that won’t work seasonally
  • taking said piles to Goodwill

And really, this is a pretty straightforward project.  But there are still multiple steps that are going to take more than 1 or 2 focused work sessions.  So these are the sorts of things that linger (and clutter up) a to-do list.  My list really only needs to record the next bite-sized action that will move my work forward.

Breaking things down into their pieces is hard, counter-intuitive work for me.  But it helps with the overwhelm!  So many days it feels like I made hardly any forward progress.  But when my projects are broken down, I can snatch a few minutes to work on them and know that progress reall was made.  Even when the project is not yet completed.

And racking up those small wins helps me face the next day’s project.

One more small but powerful change that came via the Simplified Organization course.

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