Wednesday (with Words)

The boys gathered in the parlor for Mrs. Bhaer’s Sunday evening talk…


As he looked about him Nat thought it seemed more like a great family than a school, for the lads were sitting in a wide half-circle around the fire, some on chairs, some on the rug, Daisy and Demi on the knees of Uncle Fritz, and Rob snugly stowed away in the back of his mother’s easy-chair, where he could nod unseen if the talk got beyond his depth.

Everyone looked quite comfortable, and listened attentively, for the long walk made rest agreeable, and as every boy there knew he would be called upon for his views he kept his wits awake to be ready with an answer.

–Louisa May Alcott in Little Men

Wednesday with Words


  1. I read Little Men several years ago and I absolutely loved it! I was reminded of it this summer when I read The Awakening of Miss Prim. I think I’m going to have to read it again soon!

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