The Wonder Project :: Birds

But what if circumstances keep you from taking a walk?  How can you track or collect?  What about creating a wonder project closer to home?wonder

What about watching birds?  Even in the biggest cities, birds are a little taste of the wild.

This year we got feeders that attach right on the window glass.  So we can re-fill and clean feeders from inside all year long.  Almost everything I know about birds come from watching them…and from Lyanda Lynn Haupt.  Her books have inspired and enlightened and challenged me.

My favorite by far is her biography of Charles Darwin called Pilgrim on the Great Bird Continent.  It’s a lovely, evocative book that will stay with you for a long time.  At the end of the book, Lyanda mentions that she keeps a family notebook open on the counter.  Anyone can make an observation or do a sketch.  This idea is utterly intriguing to me…and has been for years.  A wonder project in itself!



  1. Oh, Kortney! I LOVE the idea of keeping a family notebook out on the counter for everyone to contribute to! Wow. That is *so* up my alley. And what a keepsake for future generations to enjoy!

    Thank you for being you, Kortney. Your observations and ways of creating light me up.


  2. We still haven’t really embraced this practice…yet! Though my littles do lots of cooperative drawing. And we are always looking at the birds!

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