The Wonder Project :: Guides

You will find your own way through to your project.  It will speak light and life to you.  But there are guides along the way.


Here are three women who have thrown on lights for me.

Andrea Scher teaches a class called Cultivating Wonder.  I took it in the Spring, when wonder had just started singing it’s siren song to me.  Andrea’s work as a writer and photographer inspired my own oracle card project that I made during ICAD.  I paired words from her Storybowl collection with my own photographs to create the set of cards.

I can’t quite trace how I found the amazing Helen McLauglin…but her work immediately attracted me.  I love her Weekly Findings.  She is a woman who is awake to the beauty of this world.  But when I saw that her Instagram handle was wonderinghelen I just about flipped.  It very much felt like her work slid into my life at just the point when I needed it.  And she’s even been tracking people who come to running later in life.  Hello!

wonderI found the work of Mandy Steward through Teresa at Right Brain Planner.  Last year during Advent she was posting lovely things tagged with #ComeThouLongExpected.  I was utterly intrigued.

Keeping Advent has become for me the Extraordinary Wonder Project.  And here was a gathering of artists who were opening windows and letting the spirit flow through.

Mandy asks, “Is there something to being intentional about discovering wonder? Can I create some sort of plan so that I actually do get to touch and hold a few fireflies this season, cupping my hands and letting the light be just for me, even if only for a moment?”

Even though I started the project a couple of weeks into Advent, the practice of contemplating the words + images that Mandy had gathered was full of power.  I even kept it up through the New Year to make up for my lost days!


As we head into the holy days that cluster at the end of the year, I invite you too to celebrate the long expected.  I’ve got two copies of Come Thou Long Expected by Mandy Steward to giveaway over on Instagram.



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