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A few years ago I was taking to a friend about my work as a mama.  I said it was like I was the novice master in a monastery.  It was my job to make sure these children learned the customs of the house, learned to heed the seasons and keep the feasts and fasts, learned to pray and to work.   And it still seems like such an apt metaphor for my work as a homeschooler and my wider work as a mother.

These are the ways our family observes Advent, the life-giving ways we have found to welcome the new one in our midst.  These practices are particular to our season of life: a family with young children.  But I hope you can find reliable patterns–ways of opening yourself to the circle of the year as the days darken.

Ponder, gather, remember, prepare.

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    1. so glad you found me, Lindsey! i had already bookmarked your series ; ) i have a feeling there will be a lot of overlap between our two series. here’s to an excellent 31 days!

    1. and the waiting is *pregnant* waiting. there’s nothing else like this time. glad we found each other : )

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