Best Kindle Fire Apps

One of the best things that happened in our homeschool this last year was receiving a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  Thanks Nana and Papa Sam!  We use it every day.  The most magical time is when the 4 year old plays for 30 minutes.  That means it’s quiet for his sister to work on math and his brother to do reading practice.

The games we’ve chosen are inexpensive (in case we don’t like them), and they all have some educational aspect.  Over time, I’ve slowly added games–when we were going on a trip or for a special surprise.  This collection of our favorites really is fun!


We had the free version for years and years, but the paid version is even better!  You can play it on a desktop or a free Kindle app if you have a paid subscription.  Stories, songs, silliness.  Money well spent.

Stack the States 2

All of us love this game and I bet the 4 year old can beat you.  This new version reads the question for you which is great for pre-readers.  We love the trivia and the

Stack the Countries

Don’t play it unless you want your kids randomly looking up Congo and Barbados on the map.  They love the silly faces that the countries make; I like that it feels like a game instead of a geography lesson.


My 10 year old happily spends 10 minutes a day practicing Spanish. Painless exposure.

Endless Alphabet

This is a new addition.  Both the 4 year old and 7 year old play and like it.  The 7 year old especially loves all the crazy drawings included and the examples given for each definition!

Presidents vs. Aliens

You have to be able to read to play this game, so that’s limiting for us.  Still, our American history studies have been bolstered by the presidential portraits in the game.

Monument Valley

Another new game for us.  Practice geometry as you build structures.  The animation on this game is out of this world beautiful.

Medieval Math Battle

The 4 year old plays this the most.  He just likes the swords!  The other kids are intimidated by the time limits and so they tend to pick other games.

Mystery Word Town

Both of the older kids played all the way through to the end of this game.  I’d love it if another level came out.  They liked the characters and the storyline and the games were challenging but not overwhelming.

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