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Peace Poetry Postcard Exchange

World Peace Poets is hosting a postcard exchange during the month of February.  Each day you’ll send out a postcard to another poet with an original peace poem on it.  And in exchange, you’ll receive a poetry postcard each day.

Can you imagine a better way to spend these last dark days of winter than in writing poems and posting real mail?  Won’t you join me?

Send an email to [email protected] with Peace Postcards in the subject line and

  • your name
  • mailing address
  • email

On or around January 30th, you’ll receive your list of addresses.  Send a poem to the person listed under your name and wait for the letter carrier!

More Poetry Friday goodness over at Beyond Literacy Link.

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  1. Kortney, this is a wonderful idea. I’m in! With so much focus placed on resistance and marching right now, taking time to write about and share peacefulness is good practice.

    1. So exciting! Maybe we’ll be in the same group, Laura! Really enjoyed Last Class by the way! Each character had such a distinct voice. And that cover–swoon!

  2. What a lovely idea. I don’t think at this time sending out a postcard a day is an undertaking I could realistically commit to; but I used to be a great sender of postcards and letters and I love receiving them.

  3. I love this idea. I’m not sure I can commit to sending a poem and postcard a day through this, but I may be inspired to write and send a few in solidarity. I look forward to seeing some of them shared through future Poetry Friday posts, too!

    1. Would love to have you join in, Mary Lee; we might even be in the same exchange group! And isn’t it amazing to think of poetry as a part of our activism?!

  4. What a wonderful idea, Kortney. I would love to participate but unfortunately am already committed to a project for February. Next time… Love the mandala!

  5. Kortney, though I do not share the same support for marches and political activism at this time, I am a purveyor of peace, poetry and postcards. I will see if they still want me. I’ve written a poem a day (or two) for the month of January, and plan to continue for the rest of the year, so this will work in pretty well to keep me going.

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