Poetry Friday :: A Fabulous Podcast for Writers

How can the shortest month feel so long?  We’ve had rainy, miserable weather for most of the month and I know that doesn’t help my perception.  I’ve been participating in a poetry exchange all month.  And though the month started off with a bang of inspiration and a flurry of poems, I feel like I’m limping to the finish line.

Enter Ann Kroeker,  Writing Coach

I’ve known Ann’s work for years, but just discovered her podcast.  It just might be the perfect podcast.  Her tagline–Helping you achieve your writing goals (and have more fun!) by being more curious, creative, and productive–had me at hello!  Here’s why I love the podcast and how it’s keeping me coming back to the page.

The perfect length

In the ideal world, I have unlimited time to listen to inspiring podcasts, but in reality, my podcast time is short.  I love these bite-sized productions.  It’s a little jolt of inspiration.

The perfect voice

Ann’s voice is lovely and sonorous.  Some podcasts are full of really great information, but the host just doesn’t have an appealing voice.  Ann is funny and thoughtful and reads her essays well.

The perfect topic

Just listen to these titles:

The transcripts and relevant links are available for every episode–these are meaty ideas that you’ll want to return to.  Each one of these 5 minute recordings is filled with grace and wit and makes me want to get to work.  Because after all, work is the magic!

Be sure to head over to Karen Edmisten’s place for more Poetry Friday goodness…and just general, all around goodness.  Karen is a wise homeschooling mama and a fine writer.


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful resources! I’ve recently decided to really take my writing more seriously – it’s always been a hobby, but not something I’ve ever really tried to develop or grow. This podcast comes at a perfect time!

  2. Good luck finishing out the month! I will give these podcasts a listen. Have you read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott? I just read it this year and I loved it soo much.

  3. These podcast topics sound wonderful for what ails a writer. I will save the link for when I am ailing (in a writerly way). Thank you!

  4. Kortney, thanks for such kind words, and thank you for this podcast, which is new to me. Can’t wait to check it out. Podcasts keep me company these days on walks, while doing dishes, cleaning the shower … I love them. 🙂 I need to check out the ones Laura mentioned, too. Thanks for joining me for Poetry Friday!

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