Lenten Plans and Preparation

Ash Wednesday falls on March 1st this year.  We have slowly been figuring out how we will keep the fast this year, the way coming clear among out of town travel and saint day celebrations.  Here’s my four fold plan.

North :: Prayer

I’m going to read Pilgrim Principles by Lacy Clark Ellman this year.  Lacy’s blog and podcast have been such an encouragement to me these past couple of years.  I can’t wait to dig into her book–even though my pilgrimages are rather local these days!

South :: Remembering

I’m using the free printable that Ann Voskamp created years and years ago.  Seven gifts each day.  Seven chances to come awake again the the wonder of this life.

East :: Community

As the days grow longer, I want to return to evensong.  I know I won’t make it every week, but it does me such good to pray with that small and mighty group of people.

West :: Fast

Giving up liquor…again.  It keeps being difficult and I keep trying.


During Morning Time, we’ll be creating a Jesus Tree using these new printables from Nancy at Do Small Things with Love.  I love the simple, graphic illustrations.  And all of the readings are from the book of Matthew.  We are working on the Beatitudes for our Lenten Memory Work, so that ties in perfectly!

And Mary at SQUILT has created a listening calendar featuring a piece of sacred music for every day during Lent.

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