Poetry with Laura Purdie Salas

Poetry Month!  The crown jewel of the year, the sweetest part of the sweetest month.

To welcome the month, we’re attending a workshop taught by Laura Purdie Salas!  On April 5th at 4pm Pacific, Laura willing be leading children and their parents through writing and revising exercises: 15 Word Poems, Things To Do Poems, and Rename It Poems.

Yes, Laura Purdie Salas of If You Were the Moon, the luminous new picture book all about our satellite!  What I love most is the supplemental text on each spread–elegant explanations of the scientific phenomenon hinted at in the poetry.  The brooding, atmospheric blues and greys of the illustrations are the perfect pairing with Laura’s poetry.  Whimsy with a touch of science, science that opens you up to wonder–If You Were the Moon is a revelation.

The workshop is hosted by Read-Aloud Revival and costs $15.  This will also get you access to an afternoon with Tomie dePaola on April and a recording of Laura’s previous Author Access event.  You can cancel after the first month or stick around for Marla Frazee, Jennifer Trafton, and Jane Yolen!

Laura will also be posting poems + pictures most days during the month.  You can follow her on Instagram…and look for #wonderbreak.  We can’t wait to start this month off right!  And be sure to head to The Poem Farm for more Poetry Friday goodness.

Poetry Friday


  1. This will be such fun, Kortney. I’m jealous that you get to write with Laura! I agree, If You Were The Moon is a beautiful mix of art and science.

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