Springtime Running Update

First, the bad news.  We had a hard winter and a late spring and that is not a good recipe for running success.  As the days got shorter + wetter + colder, it got harder and harder for me to maintain my running schedule.  At the end of November, I hadn’t missed a scheduled run since July.  By the end of April, I hadn’t run at all in nearly 3 months.

Now that I’ve started back, I’ve lost ground in the Couch 2 5K–from the end of Week 7 to the end of Week 4.  Of course, this doesn’t really matter because I’m not training for a race.  But it’s somewhat depressing how hard I have to work to run 5 minutes straight.  I’ve got my eyes set on Summer Break when I can run 3x a week!

You can read more of my Latecomer to Running story at Helen MacLaughlin’s Wholly Curious series.