Books to Grow Your Heart

Looking for books for next year?  Books that the whole family could read aloud or that middle schoolers could read by themselves?  Books to Grow Your Heart is all about becoming who you are meant to be.  Surviving the trials, learning your true name, growing up into your power.

Though a relatively compact list, don’t try to read them all in a year and a day.  Take your time moving through the titles that catch your eye.  I like to mark passages as I read, and then copy them into my commonplace book. But I’m contemplating actually writing in my books!  

And then after I write, I like to talk.  Sarah’s questions are spot on.  They effortlessly move conversations about books toward deep, connected thinking.  I’d love to hear if you decide to use this list or even just pick one of the books to read!


  1. Excited to read some of these, thank you for sharing. I have to mention this, though–you might want to update the PDF, if you can, to reflect the fact that there are five Bennett girls in P&P, not four. 🙂

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