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It’s April 3rd–the first day of the #100DayProject!  I’m not participating this year, but I’ve been thinking about daily practice nonetheless.  Here are a few guide posts that are helping me craft a sustainable writing practice, a poetry-centered life.

Tiny Goals

The key to long term success for me has been setting a daily goal that is so small it’s hard to ignore!  Does that sound counterintuitive?  For now, in this season of life, I am interested in keeping my hand moving.  In showing up to the page every day.  This week my writing goal is focused on opening my comp book before I open the computer.  It’s a small shift, but it’s bearing good fruit.

I love working along with the One Thing Today podcast.  There’s a gentle introduction and then the invitation to work together for 20 minutes.  And do you notice that title?  It’s not all the things, just one thing.

I’ve also spent a morning working along with Helen McLaughlin.  On the second Friday of every month she hosts a free Get It Done Day.  She provides a friendly space for you to connect with others, troubleshoot roadblocks, and have a little accountability.  Like everything Helen does, these days are infused with wonder and a light touch.  Highly recommended.

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

As I’ve been working steadily on my Homeschool MFA the past 6 months, I’ve found a few resources that are making it a little easier to live the writing life.  And every little bit helps!

  • Write with a prompt.  Tweetspeak posts a new prompt every Monday.  A tiny bit of inspiration to begin your week!
  • Take a class!  I’ll be taking Holly Wren Spaulding’s Poetry Immersion for the next two months.  She describes the workshop as “a retreat. An act of love. A personal revolution. A spell. A way of being in the world.”  Sounds like magic to me!
  • Austin Kleon has a low-tech habit tracker that I love.  It’s not tied to a specific project or the calendar.  And one of the rewards is tacos–always a win!
  • The #100DayProject started today!  It’s a great way to build a little community and get serious about your creative work.  It always takes me at least 120 days to get all my days in, but that’s just fine.  It’s just about showing up.
  • The Ann Kroeker Writing Coach podcast is an invaluable tool for writers!  Ann’s thoughtful, gentle suggestions keep me moving in the right direction.

Know your tendency

Know how to motivate yourself and what the roadblocks might be.  Play to your strengths!


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