:: Women Together ::

:: Women together ::

Blessed feast day to you–one of the sweetest of the year!

I wanted to share a few newsletters that have been making my inbox happier than normal.

Michelle GD is going to be sharing prompts each Friday throughout the Summer. Her work is gentle and thoughtful and a once a week check-in with your creative self sounds like a sustainable schedule for the Summer.

Laurie Blackwell is including a fun Summer printable in her newsletter that goes out on June 1st. Sign up right here and she’ll send you journaling prompts as well!! I plan on printing two lists–one for my reading pile and one for our family fun!

In her newsletter, Tresta Payne shares her Homeschool MFA progress. She has set an ambitious goal of submitting her essays to 2 journals each month! So proud of this work!! Each month she also shares a handful of links for people who “want to read, think, and listen better.” Raising my hand!

Finally, you can read Tonia Peckover’s beautiful words each moth all about cultivating a quiet life. This woman is knee deep writing her second novel, caring for her family and her land, listening deeply to the call of her life.



  1. Ahhh….you. Thank you, my friend! Do you know yours is the only blog I have continuously subscribed to over the years? Love you and thankful we get to do this writing life side by side!

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