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Last Quarter Books

Between now and the end of the year I want to finish up a few books that I’ve started. There will probably be an Ann Patchett novel or two, maybe I’ll start the Earthsea Trilogy again as well! But here’s what’s officially on my list:

Augustine. Confessions.
This moved to the top of the list after Father Schall died this year. If I read a chapter each week, I can finish by the end of the year….

Molly Gloss. Unforseen: Stories.
Molly writes characters that I can’t stop thinking about. I tell my kids stories about them as if they are people I once knew.

Lyanda Lynn Haupt. Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds.
Lyanda simply said, Mammals don’t outsource the care of their young. With one sentence, this book set me on the course I am still walking.

Doris Orgel. My Mothers’ Daughter.
Just finished this today. My daughter and I read it as part of our Greek myths study this Fall.

Elizabeth Vandiver. Classical Mythology.
I am listening to these audio lectures. Almost done!

Kareem Abdual Jabbar. Coach Wooden and Me.
Reading this with my son–the second book by Kareem that I’ve read this year. We are also memorizing “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost because Coach Wooden loved it!

Julianna Baggott. Efficient/Creativity.
Run, don’t walk to get this series of audio lectures! You can listen to the first one for free. Julianna is funny and smart and so fun to spend time with. I took these lectures with me on my Fall writing retreat and will be working though them again. If you are serious about improving your writing process, you will learn so much.

Susan Shaughnessy. Walking on Alligators.
This is a book of daily readings that I got from my friend, Sarah. So good. I am reading one before bed as a way to seed my dreams (a la Julianna Baggott) and give me something beside the looming to-do list to ponder as I fall asleep.

Pam Barnhill. Better Together.
Reading this for work along with a fabulous group of women. You could read along with us! It’s a great exploration of Morning Time–one of the essential parts of our learning together.

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