Listen! Christmas is Almost Here!

A quiet reminder as you turn off the kitchen light.

Notice the wonder of a tree right in the middle of your house!

The Festival of Carols is already playing. There’s almost nothing that will change the atmosphere easier than a little music! On Christmas Eve at 7 am Lessons and Carols from Cambridge will be broadcast. The first time I heard this service broadcast by the BBC, I lived in the rainforest. It was an extraordinary treat to hear the announcer describe the sun setting and parishioners bundling up to go out into the dark night.

The bells will be ringing at Mount Angel at 5:15 pm on Christmas Eve and and 9:55 am on Christmas morning. This will be the first time I’ve heard these bells, so I am excited!

And if you happen to live locally, come sing and listen to the Lessons and Carols at St Michael’s at 7 pm on Christmas Eve. There will be candlelight and a string quartet. And if you don’t live locally, you can still watch the livestream!

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