Homeschooling High School: Transcripts

You’ve checked out requirements in a few places so that you can compare them. But where are you going to record what your student completes? You need a transcript!

Sarah Mackenzie says that transcripts are like travel journals. They describe the landscape of the high school adventure. I love that image. It’s so much more approachable and less bureaucratic. And it highlights the variety and uniqueness of each student’s experience.

Like formal poetry or screenplays, transcripts have formal conventions. But that’s all they are. There are conventions, and conventions and best practices can be learned.

There is no better teacher around than Heather Woodie. Her transcript worksheet is the place to start when considering homeschooling high school. This short ebook will help you think through credit hours and charting a course of study. Heather has graduated three of her four kids and is an excellent mentor. She also has two courses on homeschooling high school that are essential. When you sign up for the transcript worksheet, you’ll get a coupon for the classes.

BUT! Heather’s classes are on sale right now through November 12th to celebrate her birthday! This is a wonderful opportunity to dive deep and get the support

Homeschooling High School Mission #2

  • Sign up for Heather’s free transcript worksheet and print it out
  • Create a dedicated 3-ring binder or clipboard for high school planning and records

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