we heard last week that Maria Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman’s youngest daughter, died. she was five years old. the family set up this space to remember her. there you’ll find a silly video of her and her dad washing dishes. just what you would expect from a girl who had just turned five.

there is also a link to Maria’s Miracle Fund and Shaohannah’s Hope. after adopting three girls, Steven and his wife started a foundation to help other families with the overwhelming costs of adoption. i was breastfeeding Mabel and changing the channels, trying to find something to watch for a few minutes. i stumbled across an interview with Steven. he was talking about his family’s experience of adoption and their desire to help other families. i was just amazed at his love. he overflowed with excitement as he talked about his children. it rekindled an interest in adoption for our family. i don’t know what will come of it, but our hearts are open.

it reminded me of another time…19 years ago when i was searching for something to watch. only this time i was in high school and it was late. everyone else had gone to bed. i found a recording of one of Steven’s concerts. i liked his songwriting. and he was cute. but then as now it was his excitement that caught me. he was excited about living in this world as a christian. and it made me want to read and think about it for myself. all through high school i listened to his music, went to his concerts, wore his t-shirts. his album “Great Adventure” was the soundtrack to the summer i spent in Mexico. and hearing him at the Del Mar Fair with my brother Steven was just about perfect. we had so much fun.

i am so grateful for Steven Curtis Chapman. at very different spots in my life, his life and work has intersected mine. and i am better for it. we cried and prayed all day when we heard about the loss of Maria. may god’s peace keep them all.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of little Maria. How your hearts must ache. I pray for you, Steven and Mary Beth and your children. May God hold you tenderly in his grace and love. Thank you Steven for all you have meant to my children and millions more around the world.

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