do it now!

yesterday we went to the Pumpkin Patch.  gloriously!

after a long morning with friends, Nicolas was quite disappointed that we couldn’t start carving his treasure immediately.  but we could take a glue stick and left over corn stalks and make faces on the pumpkins!

and this morning before 8, he asked if we could make pumpkin pie.  well, no.  not right now.  but we could make pumpkin pancakes quickly before Papa has to leave for work.  i had these sweeties on the griddle in 10 minutes–and that includes the time it took to turn on the computer and find the recipe.

do it now!  it’s easier than you think.  maybe not perfect, maybe not how you had planned the morning would go.  but just right none the less.  find the way through to yes.


  1. What darling pumpkin pickers. Thanks for the pictures. Yes, I agreee, just get the job done. Get those fingers on the keyboard and get to the writing. today is a great day to start a project. thanks for the inspiration.

    1. thank you for you kind encouragement, Joy. i find that certainly has to be the way i write for the blog. just get something down! anything!

  2. M’s expression is awesome. :). Also, I have a book to return to you, almost done with it. Maybe I can drop it off soon and bring some goodies for the kiddos?

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