homeschool philosophy in my reader

:: the boy in early autumn sunlight ::

just this morning, the blogs that i usually read are all talking about the same thing.   or maybe it’s that i am hearing the same thing.  listen:

simply learn and grow with your children in your own way.

–Susan at Tea and Cake

Charlotte Mason used a phrase of her time — “masterly inactivity” — to refer to the time that must be allowed children (or young adults, as Jo was in the above passage … or old adults, ahem….) to simply be. To think, to ponder, to make connections between life, faith, literature, and sunsets.  How far we have wandered, in our “I’m so proud of how busy we are” world, from the idea that masterly inactivity is of intrinsic value.

Karen Edmisten 

joy is in the journey because the moments build the destination.

–Ann at A Holy Experience

is it really as straight forward as it seems?


  1. I love these thoughts. I whole-heartedly agree. You are so blessed to have had both the ability to recognize and live out this philosophy.


  2. Yes, it is, and I am always tempted to complicate things, when only results in disharmony in our home. Blessings on your weekend, Kortney. You are a wise mama.

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