our Thanksgiving books

some old, some new to us…

Bear Says Thanks

we have been reading Bear Snores On very frequently, and have enjoyed this story of each friend offering what they do best: muffins or pears or stories!

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Give Thanks To The Lord

by the same author as Bear Says Thanks…based on Psalm 92.

Squanto And The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving

these last two are early readers…i had hoped they would be good for reading practice, but they are too advanced for our beginning reader this year.

we have also been using the leaves of verses created by Ann at A Holy Experience each day.

and here’s where you can find other Thanksgiving thoughts…from 2007, 2009, and 2011.

just now i’m feeling so grateful for good homeschooling friends, a husband who repairs our gutters, a productive morning (watching the rain fall and fall with storybooks and blankets on the couch), closing up this computer and getting busy making these pumpkin donut muffins to share with friends this afternoon, and this blueberry baby growing right under my heart.