there’s a poem in my pocket

so, i guess today, April 18th, is Poem in Your Pocket Day.  for some reason i thought it was on the 30th.  maybe, like the Annunciation,  all holidays and celebrations are a few days later this year?  i think that’s it!

i first heard of Poem in your Pocket Day the year that Nico was born.  this will mark our fourth year celebrating!  i spent part of my morning listening to this bit of poem talk from the Kelly Writers House.  these are the same folks who will be teaching the Modern Poetry course through Coursera in September.  i’m already enrolled; won’t you join me?  ModPo in NoPo!  i does me such good to hear other people talking thoughtfully about words.  time well spent.

the other part of my morning was spent reciting nonsense poems with Joseph.  just listen to this call and response:

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