Wednesday (with Words)

The practice of Sabbath is designed specifically to restore us, a gift of time in which we allow the cares and concerns of the marketplace to fall away.

Morning Altar
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We set aside time to delight in being alive, to savor the gifts of creation, and to give thanks for the blessing we have missed in our necessary preoccupation with our work.

Ancient texts suggest we light candles, sing songs, pray, tell stories, worship, eat, nap, and make love.  It is a day of delight, a sanctuary in time.

Within this sanctuary, we make ourselves available to insights and blessings that arise only in stillness and time.

–Wayne Muller in Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest

Every Wednesday during Lent, I’ll be sharing from this excellent and inspiring resource.  More goodness found here:

Wednesday with Words