first day of winter sun

the sun came out all glorious this morning and with the house in a nearly clean state (can you see the dust bunnies?  they are big enough to give chase!) i thought i might snap a few pictures and show you around this new place.  this is the front door–heavy, lovely, with square windows–and living room.  it faces north.

right off the front door is our bedroom, the smallest of the three.  but the one with the built-in desk!  this room is in need of paint and those shelves are so messy.  besides the nifty desk this room also has another essential feature:

a porthole above the bed!  this window casts the most delicious moon shadows across our room at night.

the living room opens into the dining room…you saw that yesterday, but i’ll include it again for continuity.

then we come to the kitchen.  ample, square, open, big window over the sink with a tree and bird feeder.  juncos munch while i wash.  oh and i did i mention that there is some sort of electrical problem in here?  no light and half the outlets don’t work…including the one to the dishwasher.  which is how i get to be such good friends with the birds!

finally, we come to the back bedroom.  Nico calls it Troy’s room; he’s our painter friend who came down to help us move. it’s the spare bedroom.  you can sleep here when you come visit.  it’s at the back of the house, a bit separate from the rest of the bustle.  we have the tv in here.

yes, i forgot to take a picture of the children’s room.  it faces west and catches none of the morning light.  so it was shadowy and no fun to photograph.  some time soon!


  1. Oh, Kortney, your new home is lovely! It has so many wonderful features: the porthole window, the woodwork, the built-in bookcases in the dining room, the large sunny kitchen. I so enjoyed the tour :- ) It’s a house that looks “happy” to have you and your family in it.

  2. I loved the tour and feel at home already! I see I will be sleeping with the Young Shepardess. We always get along. Is it too late to get the previous owners to fix the wiring? Mr. Johnson! I love the double book cases with a child on either side and look forward to the surprises I will have when I see it for myself in just a few more days. I know that house has never been as happy (as Susan said) and loved as it is now. love nana

  3. Lovely, lovely, and oh that round window! So fun to see inside other folks houses and how people make them their own.

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