Beginner’s Guide to the Commonplace Book–A Giveaway


Yesterday I mentioned the upcoming webinar with Sarah Mackenzie and Andrew Kern called A Beginner’s Guide to the Commonplace Book.  Today I want to giveaway a spot at the webinar!


I’m excited to listen in, and I want you to listen in too!  If you win (or if you purchase a ticket!), you can listen live + have an opportunity to ask questions.  And you’ll receive a playback of the webinar as well as a cheat sheet pdf that will take you through the process on paper.  It’s a great way to invest a little in your continuing education.  It might be just the spark you need to make commonplacing a part of your practice.

Keeping is a way of life for me, a “liturgy of the attentive life” as Laurie Bestvater says.  Here are few favorite posts on the topic!

So, just leave a comment on this post with your biggest question about commonplacing or your favorite resource–pens, journals, apps?!  And we’ll draw a name on Wednesday night.  I’ll contact you via email on Thursday will details on accessing the webinar.  Can’t wait!


  1. I love Sharpie pens, such pretty colors and write so nicely. I’m not particular about the book, but I want the cover to be pretty. My current book is from Mead and has perforated pages (that’s inferior IMO) but the pages are bigger, around 7x 10 so I can put more on them. I also like my book to have a ribbon place marker – or two if I can get it.

    I send things to Evernote for my commonplace because it is on all my devices.

    Not particularly creative answers. Don’t put me in the draw, though 🙂

    1. Oh, do you know about the Sharpies Mystie uses? That don’t bleed?! Our table got quite marked up before we realized that the pens bled through 🙁 I go back + forth with smaller + larger books. Sometimes I like the space, sometimes I like the portability. Needless to say, I don’t have those tidy rows CMerie was talking about!

      1. Yes, the non bleed ones are what we use. I got the big pack with a lot of colors – I’m loving their bright pink and I’m not a pink girl. The children each have the five pack.

  2. Kort, is your commonplace book separate from your personal journal? I wonder if I should do that–keep the quotes I collect in a special book. I’ve gotten into a one notebook habit–my journal entries include the date, weather, verses from poetry, scripture, quotes, my scattered thoughts and plans, sketches, *everything*. But a commonplace book is a bit different in approach isn’t it? What would you say are the benefits of it? Is a commonplace the same thing as a “copy book”?

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    1. Sue, my commonplacing happens in my main journal. I also have a bullet journal that more for lists, brainstorms, informal notes. It’s messy + not at all well-organized. But so far that’s not a great big problem. I am separating it out for my kids…letting their journal be whatever they want it to be without me asking for copywork or such. So, so nice to *see* you and *hear* your voice. Peace keep you, friend.

  3. I like using the composition books. I used to get a designated journal, but I like the neat way composition notebooks line up on a bookshelf.

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