Homeschooling High School: It’s Easier Than You Think

When we started homeschooling all those years ago, our formal learning work flowed right out of our life together. There was very little that we added to our days. We already walked to the library and spent time outside and watched the leaves change color. Our life together was deep and rich. We just added in a few math worksheets and some reading instruction.

And really, that’s the pattern our homeschool continues to take. Our learning days are anchored by Morning Time, rooted in the church year, steeped in heaps of books and afternoon tea.

But there’s something about high school that makes people nervous. Like the shift at 9th grade necessarily includes travail. Like all of a sudden, things need to count. There are credit hours and grades and transcripts to consider.

And while it’s good and necessary to consider those things, they don’t have to dictate the flow of our days. The pattern still holds.

Join me over the coming weeks as I share the resources that are helping us to create a rich and meaningful high school experience for our teens.


  1. I’m excited for this series–my oldest is in 8th grade and we’re currently trying to figure out whether we’ll continue homeschooling for high school (she wants to, I’m scared to) or send her to public high school.

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